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awares, so it is a not altogether impossible dream
that the world may discover to its great surprise
that it is already practically a cosmopolis, through
the extension and interweaving of these ad hoc
co-operations. At any rate we have this very
powerful collateral process going on side by side
with the more definite political schemes we have
Surveying the possibilities of these various
attacks upon the complicated and intricate
obstacles that stand between us and a new and
more hopeful world order, one realises both the
reasons for hope in that great possibility and the
absurdity of over-confidence. We are all like
soldiers upon a vast battlefield ; we cannot be
sure of the trend of things ; we may be elated
when disillusionment is rushing headlong upon
us ; we may be on the verge of despair, not
knowing that our antagonists are already in
collapse. My own reactions vary between an
almost mystical faith in the ultimate triumph
of human reason and good-will, and moods of
stoical determination to carry on to the end
in the face of what looks like inevitable disaster.
There are quantitative factors in the outlook for
which there are no data ; there are elements of
time and opportunity beyond any estimating.
Every one of these activities we have been can-